What is Whistleblowing?
· It is a channel for employees to allow reporting on violations of the Employee Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics without concern over receiving disadvantages from having the reporter’s identity disclosed.
· Zinus operates the Whistleblowing to strengthen preemptive measures and manage the company in a sound and healthy direction.
What to Report
· ​Financial incident and any attempts to hide it (embezzlement, breach of duty)
· Any matters that are against the company standard including but not limited to Employee Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics (Bribery, unfair trade, inappropriate use of company expenses, etc.)
· Any behaviors that bring unjust benefit using one’s influence or deliberately incur losses to the company
· Any misconducts regarding inappropriate use of company asset and information or unjust enrichment
· Any actions or attitudes that undermine sound and healthy corporate culture (verbal abuse, sexual harassment, negligence, influence peddling, and being disrespectful in the workplace, etc.)
· Any actions that undermine brand value or incur losses by working in unlawful and unjust manner
· Other circumstances in which what is stated above are likely to occur
Protection of the Reporter (Whistleblower)
· Under the Whistleblowing, a dedicated internal controller directly receives the report, conducts investigation and announces the overall results and makes sure the identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential.
· There can be compensation for reporting the misconduct if it brings economic profit or prevents losses.
· If an individual reports his/her wrongdoings, he/she may be exempt from liabilities.

Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

· Information to be collected and used: Name, email address, contact (phone number)
· Purpose of the collection and usage: To check what was reported and follow up, etc.
· Retention and usage period: The collected private information will be retained and used for purpose above for 1 year from the date of consent.

I hereby agree to collect and use my personal information.

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